Tuesday, 26 October 2021

Mobile Data Consumption Up in 2013

  • As we close out the first quarter of 2013, we see that smartphone data consumption at some operators is averaging close to 1 GB/mo. Some devices are averaging close to 2 GB/mo. As we move into 1GB range along with the family data plans kicking in, you can expect the data tiers to get bigger both in GBs and dollar amount.

Mobile Patents on the Rise

Mobile patent grants as a percentage of the total patent grants in a given year have risen significantly for the US market indicating the importance innovators attach to mobile in their business. In the US, one out of every five patent granted in 2012 was related to mobile. Less than a decade ago, this number was less than 10%. The European market has seen lower growth relative to the US market. Roughly one out of every ten patents granted in Europe are mobile related.

Wireless Data Traffic to Grow 66% Per Year for Next 5 Years

Wireless data traffic is expected to grow 66% a year for the next five years. That means, by 2017, monthly mobile data traffic will reach 11.2 exabytes per month, or 13 times what it is right now. Other data points in the report underscore how big the mobile world has become and how quickly it will grow to be much, much bigger. Last year, some 4.3 billion people around the world had mobile devices, a population that will grow by close to a billion in five years.

Global Data Traffic Grew 70% in 2012

A new report just released from Cisco states that global traffic on data networks grew by 70% in 2012. Cisco offered a comparison that suggests how big mobile has become: The traffic on mobile data networks in 2012 -- 885 petabytes -- was nearly 12 times greater than total Internet traffic around the world in 2000, back when the web was taking off.

Tablets and smartphones smash Christmas records

More than 17 million Apple and Android devices, with tablets outpacing smartphones, were activated on Christmas Day, smashing last year’s record by more than 2.5 times.  Christmas Day is the largest single activation day of each year, as consumers unwrap new smartphones around the world. This year was no different, with research revealing the final week of 2012 was the busiest for device activation and app downloads since Apple and Android smartphones first went on sale.

Consumers Demand Always-ON Connectivity

Today’s consumers are increasingly demanding not only always-on connectivity, but better service quality and overall experiences. In fact, nearly two-thirds (62 percent) of respondents to Yankee Group’s 2012 US Consumer Survey, December, state that mobile data speeds are important to them and almost the same number (63 percent) want to be connected all the time.