Tuesday, 07 December 2021

Magnolia Broadband’s Beam Forming Solutions Improve Small Cells Capacity, Coverage, Performance

Small cell’s spatial efficiency and lower TCO, coupled with Magnolia Broadband's beam forming technology solutions are key to alleviating the mobile data crunch. According Cooper’s Law that underpinned the recent 3GPP workshop on how to best grow capacity, small cells offered the best return, offering a 56x improvement versus 6x for spectrum efficiency and 3x for additional spectrum.  When incorporating Magnolia Broadband’s beamforming technology solutions, these improvements are even further enhanced.

ALU & QCOM Form Partnership in Developing Small Cell Technology

The small cell market is heating up as Alcatel-Lucent and Qualcomm Technologies have agreed to a partnership in developing small cell technology. Reuters reports the deal is worth approximately $133 million in research funding. The two companies plan to jointly invest in a strategic R&D program to develop the next generation of Alcatel-Lucent light Radio small cell products. The new units will feature Qualcomm Technologies' family of small cell chipsets.

Small Cell Market in Flurry of Activity

The small-cell market is experiencing a flurry of activity,  including mobile operators launching small cells and continuing to deploy picocells and microcells while vendors develop metrocell technologies for capacity offload.  
Several operators have now reported deployments with 100s of thousands of femtocells including: 
• Sprint (US) has reported over 1 million units during October 2012 and estimates indicate that it had deployed more than 1 million during end-2012.
• Both Softbank and SFR have reported more than 100K units.
• Vodafone has reported femtocell registered users in the “hundreds of thousands” in the UK.
• Although AT&T has not reported its numbers directly, analyst estimates also put them near the 1 million mark.

Small Cell Deployment Underway by Wireless Operators

Several operators have reiterated their support for public area small cells. AT&T announced that it will deploy 40,000 units by 2015, while Vodafone UK and Verizon are expected to start deploying in 2013.  Other operators, including fixed, have announced coverage-driven small cell trials.

Small Cell Global Deployment on the Rise

The small cell industry is at a defining moment. Over 98 percent of operators think small cells are essential to their future and femtocells alone outnumber macrocells globally and are expected to constitute over 85 percent of all base stations by 2017.   The total number of small cells deployed globally increased from 6.4 million to 10.8 million in the last three months of 2012. Second, femtocells number 9.6 million and now outnumber macrocells.