Tuesday, 07 December 2021

The global Wi-Fi market revenue is forecast to reach $93.23 billion in 2018

Wi-Fi is a mainstream wireless technology, largely accessed across a variety of devices ranging from smartphones, tablets, laptops, to Wi-Fi enabled consumer electronics. The technology has evolved across a number of platforms and is now operated in 5GHz and 60GHz bands enabling multiple user configurations. The Global Outdoor Wi-Fi Equipment Market has also been witnessing the emergence of outdoor Wi-Fi as a service.This has created newer business models that have evolved at every stage of this transition, opening up a significant global market. The applications in Hot Spots, Machine to Machine (M2M), Carrier Wi-Fi, Outdoor Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi on the Go and In-Flight Wi-Fi are some of the most lucrative markets for Wi-Fi.

The commoditizing and monetizing of Wi-Fi, across devices, ranges and scenarios, has also led to various innovative business models of implementing Wi-Fi according to the needs of the users. Wi-Fi as a service, and the associated business model, has opened up the market more so than treating it purely as a technology. This trend has invited most of the players to this market along with the traditional Wi-Fi giants, creating a healthy competitive environment.  As such, Haim Harel, President and Founder of Magnolia Broadband states his company is investing millions of dollars in developing its next generation technology to address the needs of this enormous market opportunity.  According to Mr. Harel, Magnolia Broadband's Adaptive Antenna System solution dramatically improves both the performance, coverage, capacity and data speeds of wi-fi and small cell systems.   This should all contribute greatly to the wireless carriers bottom line as the global Wi-Fi market revenue is forecast to reach $93.23 billion in 2018 from $40.13 billion in 2013, at an estimated CAGR of 15.08% during this period according to research firm Infonetics.