Tuesday, 07 December 2021

The 3Cs for Carriers: Capacity, Coverage & Congestion

With the growth in data consumption, connected devices, and mobile applications, carriers need to address The “3 C’s – Capacity, Coverage, Congestion.” The sheer volume of mobile data traffic growth is driving capacity constraints. Coverage issues are arising due to the need for indoor coverage and the fact that 4G base stations cover a smaller area effectively. Coverage needs are also being driven by demand in rural and emerging markets. Congestion issues are being driven by the number of devices connecting to the network at any one time and the amount of signaling traffic driven by mobile applications. In order to address The 3 C’s multiple solutions are coming to market including additional spectrum, spectrum efficiency, mobile content delivery, small cells plus Magnolia Broadband’s solutions, which offers emhancement for all solutions while resulting in enhancing the overall subscriber experience..