Tuesday, 07 December 2021

Tablet shipments forecasted to outpace PCs by 2015


With new tablets being introduced this month and in October, data shows that tablet shipments will soon surpass those of personal computers.  A report by research firm IDC predicts that for the first time more tablets will be shipped in the fourth quarter of 2013 than PC shipments; and, by 2015, annual tablet shipments will top PC shipments.  By the numbers, tablet shipments are expected to reach 84.1 million units in the fourth quarter, while PC shipments will be 83.1 million. PC shipments are looking to drop by 10 percent for all of 2013.

Tablets have recently come a long way -- many now have speedy processors, razor-sharp HD screens, and heaps of apps. Competition in the tablet market has also become fiercely saturated with a whole host of new devices, from simple machines without a lot of bells and whistles to fancy hybrids toting tons of features.

While tablet shipments are on the rise, smartphones will continue to rule the market over the next few years. By 2015, IDC predicts 1.4 billion smartphones will be shipped, which will equal 69 percent of all smart connected device shipments worldwide.