Tuesday, 07 December 2021

Battery life of smartphones not up to the mark, claims new research


Smartphone manufacturers must optimize both hardware and software configurations to improve battery life, according to new report, compiled by research firm Yankee Group, analysed correlating features of more than 850 smartphones introduced between 2009 and 2013 with measured battery life.

The size of smartphones has increased dramatically in the last five years, the report confirmed, with phone manufacturers improving battery life by using physically large batteries. But while large batteries increase charging time, they release more heat and cost more.   

 On the other hand, if smartphone manufacturers keep making components that consume more power and require bigger batteries, the phones will grow increasingly uncomfortable to hold.  Overall, consumers rank battery life as the top factor in their buying decision, ahead of price and internet access.  

Advances in battery technology itself are unlikely to yield any significant increases in battery life without other changes.   Battery efficiency is easier to achieve for manufacturers that can optimise both hardware and software configurations for longer operating time, according to the report.   While there is no single solution for poor battery, intelligent software solutions which reduce overall power consumption such as offered by Magnolia Broadband's new Adaptive Antenna Solution can create better user experiences while increasing battery performance up to 20% in certain instances.